In Greek painter Sofia Petropoulou’s abstract pieces the formal aspects of art – colour, lines and composition – take precedences over the object of representation. Drawing from both the natural elements and the urban landscapes Petropolou does not escape from real sources, yet permits colour and gesture to dictate composition.


Sofia Petropoulou was born in 1964.  She currently lives and works in Athens following a nine year stay in Luxembourg.  She has shown her work in 12 individual and 15 group exhibitions in Greece and abroad and is a member of the Chamber of Fine Arts of Greece.



Solo Exhibitions

1999      European Commission, Luxembourg

2001      European Commission, Luxembourg

2003      Masion de la Grece, Paris

2003      Espace ‘Orfeu’, Brussels

2004      ‘En Plo’ Gallery, Pafos, Cyprus

2005      ‘Theorema’ Gallery, Brussels

2005      Hellenic Centre, London

2006      ‘Metopi’ Gallery, Athens

2010      Tsichrintzis Foundation of the Visual Arts

2013       Cadogan Contemporary, London

2016      Cadogan Contemporary, London

2018      Cadogan Contemporary, London

2020     Everything flows, Tsichrintzis Foundation of the Visual Arts, Athens



Group Exhibitions

2003      ‘Konschthaus Beim Engel’ Gallery, Ministry of Culture of Luxembourg

2004      European Commission, Luxembourg

2004      ‘Theorema’ Gallery, Brussels

2004      Cercel Municipale, Luxembourg

2007      ‘Art Studio 55’ gallery, Limasol, Cyprus

2007      Villa Koundouros, Chania

2008      ‘Art Space’ Gallery, Santorini

2008      Goulandris Museum, Athens

2008      Frieze Art Fair, London

2009      War Museum, Athens

2009      Technopolis, Athens

2013      Cadogan Contemporary, London

2014      Summer Exhibition, Cadogan Contemporary, London

2015      New Year, Cadogan Contemporary, London

2018      2018, “Mediterranean”, Chamber of Fine Arts of Greece, Municipal art gallery of Pireus

2019      Pad Monaco  with VST gallery

2019      Abstract Poetry, Tsichrintzis Foundation of the Visual Arts, Athens

There are works by Sofia in Greece, the United Kingdom, Belgium, Austria, Portugal, France, Denmark, Holland, Cyprus, Canada and Luxembourg.