Growing up between council houses and the workshops of Oltrarno, Lorenzo Brinati was able to experience the last remnants of Renaissance Florence. In this environment of rich history and culture, Brinati first sculpted copies of Mogdigliani’s heads from stones taken from the street at the age of fourteen. Now working in both Florence and the Tuscan countryside, Brinati combines this education with more than two decades working as a conservator and restorer in the traditional workshops he had grown up around. His paintings transform the skills of traditional Renaissance craftsmanship into a modern and yet timeless language, combining ancient techniques with new materials. 


As a sculptor, his style derives from an attention to nature and the harmony and rhythm in the architecture of his home while still looking east, drawing inspiration from his travels as a sailor in Greece and Turkey. His interest in the relationship between architecture and music, of sound and space, also informs his work. Returning to the primordiality of emotions, Brinati searches for completeness, purity and hidden luminosity in his works, satiating the senses and making the comprehensibility of the soul his unique goal.  



Studio Shots