Richard Whadcock studied at both Bristol Art College and the Royal College of Art giving him a solid background in painting as well as printmaking. He uses aspects of printmaking and lithography in his approach to painting through the parring down of anything that is insignificant for the image to work.

Whadcock incorporates elements of artists such as Cy Twombly, Robert Motherwell, and others using their influences in his own works. Beginning with a strong reference point of a sketch, photograph or even a memory, then eventually allowing the painting process to inevitably take over, Whadcock is able to create beautiful works that utilize a unique approach to layers and technique.

Installation shots



1989-91 Royal College of Art, Printmaking M.A. (R.C.A.)

1986-89 Bristol Polytechnic, Fine Art Painting B.A. Hon

1985-86 Wolverhampton Polytechnic, Foundation






2019             Northcote Gallery, London

2018             Northcote Gallery, London

2017             Northcote Gallery, London

2016             WychwoodArt, Stow On The Wold

2015             Northcote Gallery, London

2014             Northcote Gallery, London

2013             Northcote Gallery, London

2012             Northcote Gallery,London

2011             Northcote Gallery, London

2010             Northcote Gallery, London

2009             Northcote Gallery, London

2008             Northcote Gallery, London

2007             Northcote Gallery London

2006             Adam Gallery, London

2005             Northcote Gallery, London

2004             Adam Gallery, London

                         Northcote Gallery, London

2003             Gallery One, London

                         Vertigo Gallery, London

2002             Northcote Gallery, London

2001             White Gallery, Brighton

2000              E1 Gallery, London

1998              E1 Gallery, London

1997              Zella Gallery, London






2017                 ING Discerning Eye, Invited Artist, London

                             Gaze, Glimpse. A Look At Landscape, Gallery 57 

2016                 Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, London

2015                 Discerning Eye, Mall Galleries, London

2015                 Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, London

2013                 Strarta Art Fair, Saatchi Gallery, London

2013                 National Open Art Competition, RCA, London

2013                 32 Paintings, Phoenix Gallery, Brighton

2012                AAF Battersea, London

2011                ArtHamptons, New York

                            Art London, London

2010                Art London, London

2009                Art 2009, Adam Gallery, London

2008                Art 2008, Adam Gallery, London

2007                Art 2007, Adam Gallery, London

21/20               British Art fair, London

2006                 Art 2006, Adam Gallery, London

2005                 Art 2005, Adam Gallery, London

2004                 Art 2004, Adam Gallery, London

                             Art London, Northcote Gallery, London

2003                 Art 2003, Adam Gallery, London

                             Art London 2003, Northcote Gallery, London

                            Art London 2003, Vertigo Gallery, London

                            Palm Beach Art Fair, Adam Gallery, USA

                            Vertigo Gallery, Gallery Artists, London

2002                Adam Gallery, New Contemporaries, London

                            Gallery One, London

                            Art 2002, Adam Gallery, London

                            Art First, Starting A Collection, London

                            Affordable Art fair, Northcote Gallery, London

                            Vertigo Gallery, Gallery Artists, London

                             Gallery One, Drawings, london

2001                 Vertigo Gallery, London

                            Art 2001, London Art Show

                             Fresh Art, London 

                             Starting a Collection, Art First, London

                             Affordable Art Fair, London, Northcote Gallery

2000                 Art Paris, Carrousel du Louvre, E1 Gallery

                            A.A.F. Art Fair, London, Northcote Gallery

                            New Elemental Aesthetic, E1 Gallery, London

                             Starting A Collection 2000, Art First, London

                              Art London, Chelsea  

1999                  Starting A Collection, Art First, London

                             Affordable Art Fair, London. Northcote Gallery 

                             Mind the Gap, Utah University, USA   Touring 

                              London Art Show, London

                              Vital Art, Cowcross Gallery, London

                               Group Show, Work Place Arts

1998                   Crucible, Diorama Gallery,London

                                Birdy, John A. Gallery, Illinois, USA

                                Northcote Gallery, London

1997                    Birdy, Southern Illinois Gallery, U.S.A.

                                Layers of Abstraction, London Art House

                               Winchester Contemporary Art

                               Northcote Gallery, London

                               Robert Horne, Printmaking , Touring The Large Edition, Middlesex University 

1996                   The Discerning Eye, Mall Galleries, London

                              The Northern Print Show, Hatton Gallery 

                              The National Print Show, Mall Galleries

1994                   The National Print Show, Mall Galleries

1990                     London Group Show, Gulbenkian Galleries






Robert Horne Collection

Lowick House Collection

Gulbenkian  Collection

Southern Illinois Collection

Private collections






1996 Robert Horne Paper Award

Princes Trust/Sports Council

1991 Daler Rowney Award






2014 Cill Rialaig Artist Residency, Kerry, Ireland

1996 Lowick House Print Workshop

1995 Cheltenham College of Art