Born in Manchester, Deborah Tarr studied painting at the Winchester School of Art, earning her BA in 1988. Since then, her beautifully designed abstract work has been featured in numerous solo and group exhibitions in the United States and Britain. She has been represented by Cadogan Contemporary since 2002.


Within her highly developed visual language, Tarr explores the limits of her canvas; each painting is an authentic world of its own. Her creations are tangible and conceptual, borne of relationships between colour and texture. From pure abstraction to varying levels of representation, some pieces are clearly 'somewhere', while other works might refer to a moment in the artist's life. Tarr's range is vast, varied and personal, giving the viewer an insight into the environments the artist inhabits. 

Installation shots


1995 - 1988 BA Hons Fine Art Painting, Winchester School of Art


Solo Exhibitions

2019                 Cadogan Contemporary, London

2018                 Cadogan Contemporary, London

2017                  Cadogan Contemporary, London

2017                  Pulse. Miami LPH Arts. New York

2016                  Cadogan Contemporary, London

2016                  Nobu. Miami. LPH Arts. New York

2015                 Cadogan Contemporary, London

2014                 Cadogan Contemporary, London

2013                 Cadogan Contemporary, London

2012                 Cadogan Contemporary, London

2011                 Cadogan Contemporary, London

2010                 Cadogan Contemporary, London

2008                 Cadogan Contemporary, London

2006                Cadogan Contemporary, London

2004                 Cadogan Contemporary, London

2002                 Cadogan Contemporary, London

2000                 Olympia. Max Rollitt, London

2000                 Core One , London

1998                 Bruton Gallery, New York

1996                Bruton Gallery, Bath , U.K

1994                 Winchester Cathedral, Winchester.UK


Selected Group Exhibitions and Fairs

2017                 Palm Beach Modern and Contemporary. GrayMCA

2017                 Context, Miami Art Fair. Art Bastion

2017                Art Hamptons, NY. Art Bastion

2017                Aspen Art Fair. Art Bastion, Miami

2017                 The Ned . London

2016                 Palm Beach Modern and Contemporary. Art Bastion.

2016                Blue - Andrea Hamilton Studio, London

2016                 Aspen Art Fair. Art Bastion, Miami

2016                Sense of Place. Art Bastion, Miami

2016                Palm Beach Modern and Contemporary. GrayMCA

2015                 British Art Fair, Kensington, London. GrayMCA

2014                 Islington Art Fair, London. GrayMCA

2013                 Islington Art Fair, London. Wilson Stephens Fine Art

2012                 Wilson Stephens Fine Art, London

1997                 Islington Art Fair, Bruton Gallery .UK



Numerous international private collections.