Deborah Tarr describes the process of painting as a ‘conundrum’ – a constant cycle of decision making and self-discipline. In her works, removal and restraint are often more important than adding the next thing. Her paintings are tangible and conceptual, but even in the most reductive and abstract paintings there is an organic, living line. With so much thought put into each brushstroke, finding this balance between abstraction and figuration is what Tarr does best. While some pieces are more clearly depictions of ‘somewhere’, other works might refer to a moment in the artist’s life. Tarr’s range is vast, varied and personal, and there is a world to discover in each painting, giving us an insight into the environments the artist inhabits. 

‘The abstract paintings of Deborah Tarr are a forceful reminder of the celebratory power of colour and its ability to work with subtlety on our spirit and emotions.’

Vanessa Jackson RA 

Tarr’s paintings emphasise their own materiality, her output is fine-tuned and each painting becomes a complete and individual object. This is defined as much by the grain of the canvas and the application of colour, as by the careful choice of frame. Sourcing and choosing the frame is a vital part of Tarr’s artistic process. From antique and reclaimed to clean and modern custom-made frames, the juxtaposition of traditional and modern, organic and man-made, is what makes her work unique, powerful and universal. 


Deborah Tarr studied painting at the Winchester School of Art, earning her BA in 1988. Since then, her beautifully designed abstract works have been featured in numerous solo and group exhibitions in Britain and the United States. She has been represented by Cadogan Contemporary since 2002. Her career has gone from strength to strength and her base of collectors is extensive and truly international. 


Studio Shots
1995-88 BA (Hons) Fine Art Painting, Winchester School of Art, Winchester, UK


Selected Solo Exhibitions
2017 Pulse, Miami. LPH Arts, New York 
2016 Nobu, Miami. LPH Arts, New York
2000 Olympia. Max Rollitt Gallery, London
1998 Bruton Gallery, New York
1994 Winchester Cathedral, Winchester, UK


Selected Group Exhibitions and Fairs
2017/16 Palm Beach Modern and Contemporary. GrayMCA 
2017 Context, Miami Art Fair. Art Bastion
  Art Hamptons, NY. Art Bastion
  The Ned, London 
2015 British Art Fair, Kensington, London. GrayMCA



Numerous international private collections.