Fabienne Delli Zotti paints sculptures or sculpts paintings, extending the physical limits of their frames. The artist uses a mixture of sand, mar- ble powder and natural pigments to create bas relief landscapes that immediately absorb the viewer and reveal her individuality.

The canvas becomes a vertical sculpture made of superimposed layers of natural pigment mixed to create subtle shades of organic colour - shadows swaying between eternity and instantaneousness.  The viewer becomes absorbed by these bas relief landscapes whose patterns and names evoke an ethereal and mysterious Far East.


Fabienne Delli Zotti was born in Luxembourg 23rd May 1967.  She attended an art school in Luxembourg. To add to her diverse background, she also studied dance in Chicago where she was training for Gus Giordano’s troupe. She has been living in Paris for the past 20 years.

Installation shots

Born 1967 in Luxembourg


2017.     Cadogan Contemporary,“Summer Exhibition”, London, UK

2016.    Luxembourg House,“Earth Rock and Soul”, London, UK Cadogan

2014.    Contemporary, Solo Exhibition” London, UK

2013.    Marna Anouilh, “Mar Interio”, Showroom, Gstaad, Switzerland

2013.    Cadogan Contemporary,“NewYear Exhibition”, London, UK

2012.    Monte Paschi Banque, Solo Exhibition, Cannes, France

2012.    Cadogan Contemporary,“Summer Exhibition”, London, UK

2012.    Monte Paschi Banque, Solo Exhibition, Paris, France

2011.    Carrousel du Louvre