Sargy Mann | Light and Space | Exhibition Video

Christopher Burness discusses the life and work of the late Sargy Mann

Cadogan's founder Christopher Burness discusses the life and works of the late painter Sargy Mann with gallery manager Astrid McKenny Engström.


Light and Space is an exhibition of work by the late painter Sargy Mann (1937-2015) and it looks back on an artistic journey of constant evolution. Mann's life-long fascination with the nature of visual perception and the changes to his own sight throughout his career fuelled a varied yet consistently acclaimed output. The exhibition also celebrates the unusual relationship between the artist and his gallerist, which dates back to 1987, and how that allowed the artist to develop.


Between 1960 and 2015 Sargy Mann created a hugely diverse body of work, always pushing the limits of his experience and challenging many assumptions about the artistic brain and the visual mind. His quest was always to make a two dimensional pattern that conveyed a believable light and space. In 1986, Mann was introduced to Christopher Burness, founder of Cadogan Contemporary. His first solo exhibition at Cadogan in 1987 was a success and turned out to be the first of eighteen solo exhibitions with the gallery. The ongoing relationship between Sargy and Christopher Burness helped define both Mann's career and Cadogan Contemporary's aesthetic identity. The mutual trust, respect and friendship between the artist and the dealer was rewarded by commercial success and an ever-growing number of avid collectors. From 1973 until his final exhibition of new work at the gallery in 2015, Mann's vision gradually deteriorated until in 2005 he permanently lost sight in both eyes. Far from being the end of anything, this new change in his experience led to some of his most personal and experimental work. Sargy had always used his changing eyesight as a challenge to himself, to continuously evolve, and this exhibition shows the constant exploration of the notions of light and space in his work.