Borrowed Light

Richard Whadcock | Exhibition Catalogue
Borrowed Light: Richard Whadcock | Exhibition Catalogue
£ 12.50

Cadogan Contemporary is pleased to announce a solo exhibition of works by the artist Richard Whadcock. Borrowed Light will run from the 22nd February to the 12th March.


Richard Whadcock’s contemporary landscape paintings capture the ever-changing atmospheres of the South Downs and the Sussex coast. From silent stillness to squally days, the landscape itself is only a starting point, as a central theme is developed or expanded on based on a framework of memory and intuition. His works reflect a sense of place, with light, space and air becoming the central subject of each painting. Elements in the landscape are reduced to marks, lines and shapes with small subtleties expanding before the viewer. 


These new works are mostly a series recording one early morning along the coast by Whadcock’s studio. The paintings deal with a transition in the landscape from one state to another as the sun rose to break through the sea mist. It is these drifts in and out of focus that evoke a sense of place and a passage of time. No painting is a singular moment, instead they track the fluidity of the landscape as familiar details are exposed or expunged by mist, rain and intense morning sun. This amorphous sense of line and shape, developing with the conditions experienced in the landscape, is synonymous with Richard Whadcock’s work.


Cadogan Contemporary has been showing Richard Whadcock’s works since 2019 and this will be his first solo exhibition with the gallery

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