Second Sight

Terrell James | Exhibition Catalogue
Second Sight: Terrell James | Exhibition Catalogue
Publisher: Cadogan Books
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Cadogan Contemporary are delighted to announce a new solo exhibition of works by Houston based artist Terrell James. 'Second Sight' is an exploration of memory and place, drawing inspiration from the natural world and evoking the artist's experiences of sacred sites in the Western United States.


Alongside an exhibition of her paintings in Cadogan Contemporary London, a new work 'Terrain' will be shown in Cadogan Contemporary's exhibition space in Hampshire. Unfurled on a scroll that will span 100 ft across the length of the exhibition space, this drawing embodies the principles of Terrell James' works and her virtuosity on both a miniature and monumental scale, reflecting and complimenting the artworks that will be shown in the gallery.


James’ work emerges from her close attention to organic form; her process mirrors its emergence in the landscape and in nature. The immediate impression is one of steady development as new marks and washes build on traces of the past, Although they interpret rather than depict the landscape, the organic shapes of her works allude directly to their origins in plants, animals, fossils and glaciers. James’ expressions of her ‘familiar obsessions’ flow automatically from the subconscious as her works unfold.


Terrell James has completed over fifty solo exhibitions in galleries, museums and artist-run spaces across the world. Her works are included in many museum collections including those of the Boston Museum of Art and the Whitney Museum of American Art. This exhibition, the third with Cadogan Contemporary, will be open to the public from the 12th October and will run until the 6th of November. 

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