Under a Dome

Lorenzo Brinati & Leonardo Anker Vandal | Exhibition Catalogue
Under a Dome: Lorenzo Brinati & Leonardo Anker Vandal | Exhibition Catalogue
Publisher: Cadogan Books
£ 10.00

Cadogan Contemporary are delighted to announce a joint exhibition of works by artists Leonardo Anker Vandal and Leonardo Brinati. Both artists express a desire to bring an internal world into reality, emphasising the materiality of the artwork and the process of creation.


Raised in Florence, Lorenzo Brinati’s practice combines Renaissance Florentine craftsmanship with a conceptual interest in the primordiality of emotion and the comprehensibility of the soul. Highly influenced by the rich artistic traditions of the city he grew up in, he developed the techniques he employs in his sculptures and paintings through his work over two decades as a conservator and restorer in traditional artisanal workshops. In his paintings Brinati transforms the Old Master's skills into a modern yet timeless language.


Leonardo Anker Vandal defines his work as ‘a medley of silence’ and an attempt to bring an internal world into a form of reality. The process of making art for Vandal is a form of catharsis, transforming his experiences of personal trauma into a highly personal and poetic visual language to create a sense of therapeutic serenity. He expresses these complex ideas using every medium in his reach, often choosing unusual materials for their symbolic potency.

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