Richard Hearns | Exhibition Catalogue
Enclave: Richard Hearns | Exhibition Catalogue
Publisher: Cadogan Books
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Cadogan Contemporary is delighted to announce the second solo exhibition of works by painter Richard Hearns. Entitled Enclave this series of paintings explores the concepts of multi-cultural belonging, identity and traditions of exploration.


Hearns paints in the wild landscape of The Burren national park in County Clare, Ireland, an ancient natural landscape which emphasises these traditions of exploration, discovery and expression through the medium of paint. Each painting in the series was made as an extension of the physical surroundings, earth, sea and sky and materialises Hearns' reminiscences of colours and natural phenomena. This will be the artist's second solo show at Cadogan in London.

The paintings, many of which are life-size - literally the same height as the artist and spanning the width of his outstretched arms - are intensely physical acts, drawing inspiration from the discipline of martial arts, of which Hearns is a practitioner, and the rhythmic nature the rural idyll where he lives and works.

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