Timur D'Vatz

Dream and Dreamer
Cadogan Contemporary, 2020

The paintings of Timur D'Vatz explore Celtic mythology and the theme of Arthurian legends. The artist sees mythology as the starting point for an inner journey through outer experience. In order to go forward we must also go back to our roots; the journey forward is always a return. Myth is a poetic interpretation of human knowledge. Some ancient legends carry the metaphor of the hunt where the hunt is the quest, the journey and the search for ourselves.


This year’s exhibition at Cadogan Contemporary consists of a retrospective selection of works commemorating the twenty-eight years D'Vatz and the gallery have worked together. Most of the paintings are based on Arthurian legends, mythology and spiritual meditations. The 'Waterlilies' series is inspired by the Arthurian lakes and of course Monet's take on the. And finallt, the exhibition includes a number of oil and pencil sketches for the official portrait of Archbishop of Canterbury, which is currently in the works.

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