New Paintings

Deborah Tarr | Exhibition Catalogue
New Paintings: Deborah Tarr | Exhibition Catalogue
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This is a new collection of paintings by Deborah Tarr. Painted over the course of the last year, each painting tells a story. Some are inspired by real places, like 'Roseland' and 'Colorado', but no painting is 'of' somewhere. Each piece encapsulates the feeling of a place, whether dreamed or remembered.

These paintings invite us to pause, to breathe. They are  windows to a moment in time and in space, through different frames and lenses.

This collection is particularly influenced by nature, the motifs of trees and rocks run throughout. Even in the most reductive and abstract paintings there is an organic, living line. Finding this balance between absraction and figuaration is what Tarr does best, with so much thought put into each brush stroke. In these strange times they are a comforting antidote to our confinement

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