Sam Lock Exhibition Catalogue
Now/Here: Sam Lock Exhibition Catalogue
Publisher: Cadogan Books
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Now/ here
9th to 27th september 2019, Cadogan Contemporary

A key inspiration for Lock is the written word, in particular the work of the dramatists Samuel Beckett and Harold Pinter. As the latter famously said, 'Underneath what is said, something else is being said,' and the ideas invoked in that observation - notions of double meanings, loss, discovery and the overlapping of past and present - are key to understanding Lock's entire oeuvre; in essence, each work is a meditation on the ambiguities of life revealed through abstraction.

Comprised of fifteen medium and large-scale paintings, as well as sculptures and a suite of works on paper, this is the artist's largest presentation to date and his third with the gallery. The paintings are rendered in Lock's trademark style. A canvas is prepared with gesso onto which layers of acrylic and household paint are applied and then manipulated - sanded, stained, scorched, sealed and torn - and also treated to the effects of a heat gun. The artist sees each canvas as a battleground, with the materials at war with one another. These collisions are orchestrated to some extent, but there is also a pervading element of chance and unpredictability, with paint colours changing due to unplanned physical and chemical interactions.

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