Wall Street International Magazine , May 31, 2013

Louise Balaam. Cornish Light

17 June - 6 July 2013 at Cadogan Contemporary, London.


Cornwall is one of Louise Balaam's favourite painting locations, a place she returns to again and again. She is inspired by the natural beauty of the landscape, by the sparkling light, dramatic skies and the rocky coast. Louise’s intensely atmospheric canvasses relate to the English Landscape tradition, invigorated by her immediate emotional responses to the natural world.

Louise’s work is inspired by an emotional response to the natural world in particular to the quality of light. “I draw in the landscape, collecting intormation about particular places which have meaning for me. I want to put into the paintings the experience of being there, the weather, sounds, smells, and the process of walking through the landscape as much as what I can see. Back in my studio, I use the drawings to help focus my memory, but don’t work directly from them – I find it works better to put the source material aside and to paint intuitively, so that the painting becomes an entitiy in its own right which starts to makes its own demands – in a sense, it begins to answer back.

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