La Gazette , July 15, 2019

Avranches. Exhibitions not to be missed!

This summer, the Avranches museums are offering three must-see exhibitions. Ancient manuscripts, dreamlike paintings and Liberation are on the program.

For the first time, the Treasury room , at the Scriptorial , hosts around twenty manuscripts and charters, brought together from the National Library of France and various other places of conservation: Bayeux, Berlin, Dijon and even Rouen. "I was far from imagining that it was going to be so complicated to bring together", admits Stéphane Lecouteux, responsible for the heritage library of Avranches .

The exhibition "Shaping the history of Normandy", presented until September 29, shows how, in the Middle Ages , historians constructed the identity of the region from a founding text. From the year 1000, with Dudon de Saint-Quentin. “Some have received orders from the Dukes of Normandy who wanted to establish their legitimacy,” explains Mr. Lecouteux. A form of propaganda that made it difficult to write the story accurately.

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