Gisela Williams, Surface Magazine, September 9, 2019

Long a muse for prominent artists and designers, the Red City is gaining steam as a cultural force.

On my most recent trip to Marrakech, I realized that Google Maps now works in the Medina, the ancient fortified section of the city. At first I was relieved: It certainly makes navigating its maze-like alleyways easier, especially for first-time visitors. But in the Red City, it is the wrong turns, the chance encounters, and the nondescript doors that lead to the most inspiring discoveries. I've been visiting at least once or twice per year since the early 2000s, and I still discover something new and wondrous every time in this city that never stops reinventing itself. 

At the moment Marrakech is experiencing yet another heady moment of discovery and renewal: Over the last decade there has been a boom of designers, artists, and entrepreneurs from around the globe and its own streets who have been successful experimenting with and building small businesses inspired by traditional Moroccan craft.

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