Patricia Moreno, Vogue Spain, December 21, 2017

LRNCE, the 360º firm made in Marrakech of which we want EVERYTHING

One of the thousands of paradoxes that Instagram contains is that, being a digital window to the world, the aesthetic affiliations of its community reward, especially, the most natural . Or, at least, everything that reminds us of the essence, the organic and, we can say, the wild. Either literally -a jug, a forest, a sunset- or figuratively -a pineapple, a cactus, a mango, an anthurium ... always in a cosmopolitan setting. And the next_ #Vogue Obsession_ that we're going to reveal has a lot of all of that. And, yes, we discovered it on Instagram. The signature 360 ​​degrees LRNCE .

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