Selin Hatunoglu, Lampoon Magazine Italy, August 4, 2021

Moroccan mindset and artisans are key to LRNCE’s lifestyle brand of handmade pieces

"Every piece is a small part of Morocco, it’s a small part of me, it’s bringing two worlds together." Laurence Leenaert on LRNCE’s connection to the local craftsmanship and raw materials.


Lampoon introduces LRNCE

Based in Marrakesh, LRNCE takes the world of ceramics, textiles, clothing, and more and brings it back to its roots, drawing inspiration from a trial-and-error process that fuels creativity. The founder, Laurence Leenaert, stresses how her relationship with the artisans and her willingness to experiment with new methods and art forms led to the lifestyle brand that LRNCE is now. Being from Belgium and having studied fashion, Leenaert founded LRNCE in 2013, starting small with just bags. Following a trip to the desert in Morocco, where she took her sewing machine and used the local materials to craft pieces, realization struck. "That’s when I took all my stuff and moved to Marrakech. When I moved the idea was to focus on the bags, and then I got in touch with the artisans" she explains. 


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