Jeremy Callaghan, Architectural Digest Middle East , April 8, 2019

Artist Laurence Leenaert Marrakech home is a lesson in boho chic

After relocating to Marrakech from Belgium, the artist Laurence Leenaert has immersed herself in the rich creativity of Morocco


Laurence Leenaert moved to Marrakech in 2015 with $450 and a sewing machine. What started as a two month sabbatical 3000 km away from her home in Gent, Belgium, has blossomed into a new home and creative studio producing homewares and clothing for her label Lrnce, which has become an international success story, thanks to the power of Instagram.


“I was really done with my life in Ghent and my friend was like, ‘if you love it so much in Marrakech, why don’t you move here?’” Leenaert recalls. “I didn’t have the opportunity to draw a lot at home, but after I moved here it all came very naturally. When I arrived I had 90 followers; now I have 100,000.”

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