Maria Luisa Hernandez: Hope


Cadogan Contemporary is delighted to present "HOPE", the new collection of emotive, reflective and luminous paintings by Maria Luisa Hernández.
Maria is a Chilean-born painter who has made London her home after a long fascination with the Thames and the magic of old and new London.



She studied an MA in Fine Arts at the University of Chile and after being awarded a scholarship from the Chilean Ministry of Foreign Affairs, found herself en route to London where she has lived since 2000. She is instinctively a nature lover and is often found sketching and painting waves in remote areas of the United Kingdom.



Maria expresses her art vividly and passionately as is witnessed by her explosive waves and vibrant sunsets. She has been nominated as one of the Future 500 rising stars by The Observer and Le Courvoisier and has showcased her work across the globe. Today she lives and paints in her urban London home and her seaside studio on the English coast.



Maria Luisa Hernández has been represented by Cadogan Contemporary since 2010 and since then has had a number of acclaimed and successful shows. She is collected worldwide by international collectors, celebrities and corporations.

Installation Views