Pandora Mond

16th - 28th June 2014

Pandora Mond was educated at the Ruskin School of Drawing and Fine Art in Oxford and has painted all of her adult life. She lived for many years on Exmoore before returning to her roots in Norfolk.

Her inspiration and reference has always been the natural world and even beyond, when she received a fellowship to study extra solar planets with the Astrophysicist at Exeter University. She works in oil and mixed media on canvas, often on a large scale and has returned again and again to the subject of the sea, a place of tranquillity and threat, of vastness and of peace.

Pandora Mond’s paintings are an abstraction from the material in search of the infinite; a paring down of subject and elimination of obstacles between the painter and the idea to achieve a clarity and inevitably to be understood.

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