Jim Whitty 2008

7th - 24th October 2008

Jim Whitty, born in 1970, is a contemporary artist. He did an Art Foundation course at Brighton School of Art, then studied painting at Glasgow School of Art. He was always fascinated by nature as a child: both observing clouds and sunsets and exploring landscapes by being outside sailing, rock-climbing or surfing.

Jim Whitty’s work has several themes, but a recurring one is the empty spaces around us that stretch away into ambiguity, like as light of dawn and twilight that rapidly change, with colours taking on new and unexpected hues from one moment to the next. Whitty’s painting technique begins with quick broad strokes to map out the compositions and the ‘feel’ of a canvas. Then the process begins of adding more and more detail, and crucially knowing when to stop. Whitty’s themes are universal: the woods, stars, sea and weather patterns such as snowstorm. The artist creates an almost meditative quality in his work. He is striving for a pared back simplicity that the viewer can get lost in for a long time. There is an ambiguity to these scenes that change in different lights and absorb the viewer into their world.

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