Andreas Diaz Andersson is a Swedish-Mexican artist known for his distinctly meticulous minimalist abstractions. Andersson studies the depth and form of both minimalism and geometry, using traditional methods in his paintings.His carefully considered trompe l’oeils and heavily formal compositions are achieved through the use of textiles and different paint mediums such as acrylic, plasticolor and aerosol paint on cottoncanvas. 


When viewed from afar, Andersson’s work may look aesthetically simple but the complexity of his work becomes clear upon close inspection. Made with exceptional precision and arrangement, the works hover between illusion and abstraction, evoking elusivefluctuations of physical, spatial, and conceptual depth.


To enhance this effect, Andersson often plays with colours and textiles arranged systematically. His works have a spatially reflective quality that draws the viewer into the works’ layers, attained through creating a constant variation of dynamic geometric patterns that recede into deep vanishing points depending on where the viewer is standing. 

Studio Shots