Born in Florence in 1978, Lorenzo Brinati’s practice perceives the depth of Renaissance Florentine craftsmanship, expanding the vision towards eastern cultures. He developed the techniques for his paintings working for more than two decades as a conservator-restorer in traditional workshops.


With his pictorial works, Lorenzo transforms the Old Masters’ skills into a modern, yet timeless language. 

Brinati is highly influenced by the rich artistic traditions of the city he grew up in, as a child choosing to explore the world of the carvers, carpenters and fresco painters that had operated out of Oltrarno for hundreds of years, often rather than attending school.


Today he searches for completeness and luminosity in his canvases, satiating the senses and referencing the vivid strength of the works of the Old Masters.


As a sculptor, his style derives from an attention to nature and the harmony and rhythm in the architecture of his home while also looking east, drawing inspiration from his travels as a sailor in Greece and Turkey.


Studio Shots