Born in Essen in 1960, Maximillian Verhas studied Painting and Graphic Design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Nuremberg from 1981 until 1986 before taking up Sculpture at the University of the Arts in Berlin from 1986 until 1990. He began creating his so-called Rollkorper, i.e. rolling bodies, around the end of his degree.


With these Rollkorper, Verhas explores the traditional definition of sculpture, but overturns it by creating a moving multi-factetted work whose identity changes with its position. The concept of multiple perpectives is challenged and redefined. The viewer cannot only see the customary exterior sides of the sculpture; the under and upper sides can also be examined alternately. Verhas redefines the object not as a predetermined form viewed at different angles, but as a varying identity defined by its viewpoint and position.