Scarlett Bowman

Scarlett Bowman is a London-based multi-disciplinary artist, who uses the process of collage and assemblage as a metaphor for recording information. Highly tactile, her work is formed by the basic attributes of collage; juxtaposing various parts to make a whole, putting one thing together with another thing. Through a playful engagement of material exploration, her process is a mix of intuition and deliberate placement. Fragmented shapes loosely resembling everyday ephemera are removed from their original context and re-assembled to create entirely new narratives, enabling multiple references to be weaved into a single narrative. Taking an archeological approach, selected found objects are chosen both for their formal value (shape, colour, texture) and their autobiographical value (history, use value). From these various sculptural fragments, visual signs of contemporary life are juxtaposed against more abstract forms. Works from her ‘Fragment’ series give way to her paintings as large swathes of treated recycled canvas, are sewn together into 2-dimensional ‘patchwork paintings’.