Sargy Mann

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Euan Uglow / Sargy Mann

This book contains the complete catalogue of works by Sargy Mann and Euan Uglow that were displayed during the 2016 exhibition presented by The Collection and Usher Gallery in Lincoln, UK.

Essays included in this book are contributed by Ashley Gallant (former Collections Access Officer), Jenny Gleadell (Curator), Robert Pepperell, Jo Volley, and George Mather.


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2016  ‘Works on Paper ‘ catalogue with ‘Drawing’ lecture at Royal Drawing School in 2007


Front Cover

2013 Catalogue with ‘The Little Sitting-room’ Sargy Mann in conversation with Peter Mann


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2005 Catalogue ‘Recent Paintings’


Sargy Mann: Probably the best blind painter in Peckham

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The book is based around twenty seven paintings chosen by the artist to represent different periods in his life as a painter. The first is from 1963 and the most recent is from 2007. The text is a 45,000 word piece by the artist. Each chapter takes one of the twenty seven paintings as its starting point, but the text as a whole builds to tell the story of how he has continued to paint about the world as he sees and experiences it, while his sight has deteriorated to the point of total blindness.

Each of the twenty seven paintings has been photographed by Peter Mann where they are hanging today. Throughout the book we are moving back and fourth between the artist at home or at work in his studio  and photographs of his work hanging in different peoples houses around the world, or in one case wrapped up in storage.

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2015 Catalogue with ‘A Painters Biography’ essay by Sargy Mann

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2010 ‘New Paintings’ catalogue with Foreword by Daniel Day-Lewis



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2009 Catalogue ‘Gouaches’ Sargy Mann