Maria Luisa Hernandez divides her time painting between the vibrant culture of London and the raw inspiration that emanates from the ocean in her native Chile. Instinctively a nature lover after being exposed to paintings outdoors by her father, she expresses her art vividly and passionately with explosive waves and vibrant sunsets. She sees her work as both spiritual and mystical, and she invites others to share her vision which has an emotional connection with nature and with landscape. Capturing light, both visible and invisible, is the central aim of her work and its essence. If land appears, it is on the periphery because her paintings reflect that fact that the earth’s surface is largely dominated by water. Hernandez reveals a unique gift for capturing the many moods of the ocean. She conveys with skilful brushstrokes the movements of the waves and tides, the winds and the currents, which can also clash in a tumultuous, cataclysmic motion. She is able to convey sweeping landscapes powered by emotion with a masterful finish. 


‘Maria Luisa’s painting is, in essence, an atmospheric play of colour and light: the two anchors of her work. Her hallmark is insinuation and evocation rather than description’

Pedro Labowitz, Art Critic


After graduating with a Master of Arts from the University of Chile, Hernandez was offered an award from the Foreign Office of Chile to exhibit her works in Stockholm. She took this as an opportunity to travel through Europe before settling in London in 2000. She has been represented by Cadogan Contemporary since 2010 and since has had a number of acclaimed and successful shows. Her work is collected worldwide and she was nominated for the Courvoisier Future 500 Network.


Studio Shots

Maria Luisa Hernandez has carved out an internationally acclaimed career spanning a variety of countries from her native Chile, to Sweden and the UK.  She studied for her MA degree at the University of Chile. Soon after, she won a scholarship to exhibit in Stockholm, at the time European Capital of Culture, with a collection of paintings entitled ‘‘Living in the Light.’’

Maria was initially inspired by her father’s passion for painting the Chilean coastline. 


Today, Maria lives and paints in her home and studio in London and often is founded painting in her second studio by the English coast. She was nominated into the Courvoisier Future 500 Network, sponsored by the Observer (the unique network for rising stars across the UK). This accolade is testament to the brilliance of her artistry and is backed up by the avid support of her many collectors.




MA (Hons)  in Fine Arts, Universidad de Chile


2021   'Hope', Cadogan Contemporary, London 
2016   'Red Light', Cadogan Contemporary, London
2014   'The Patagonia Collection', Cadogan Contemporary, London
2012   'The Way', Cadogan Contemporary, London
2011   'The Pacific Collection', Cadogan Contemporary, London


Selected Group Exhibitions 
2019   HG Contemporary, New York 
2011   Royal College of Art, London 
2010   British Art Fair 
2001   Galerie Patricia Ready, Vitacura, Chile
1998   World Trade Centre, Santiago, Chile 
1997   Hilton Hotel, New York 



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Candy & Candy

One Hyde Park

Laura Hammett

Charlotte de Rothschild

Great Centre Lisbon

Chapman Entertainment Ltd, London GlaxoSmithKline

The Embassy of Chile, London

The Embassy of Mexico, London University of Ohio

University of Uppsala

Lan Airline, Chile

John Jones, London

Residence One

Royalton Group


2009   The Future 500 Rising Stars, The Observer & Courvoisier 
1997   Grant from the Chilean Foreign Office