Juliette Paull | Time Unveiling Truth

February 26, 2019 1:53 pm Published by

‘Time Unveiling Truth’

by Astrid Mc Kenny-Engstrom

Juliette Paull’s new body of work explores notions of time, space and colour – themes apparent in her previous work, but revisited technically and emotionally in this collection. These paintings exist in a state of flux, precariously balanced between abstraction and figuration – engaging the visceral and sublime through gesture and scale. They seem instilled with a breath of life that pulls the viewer into a world of wonder, where light and movement meet.

A gestural abstract painter, Juliette Paull is known for creating hugely evocative compositions powered by strong yet subtle brushstrokes. Captivated by the drama, light and dark expressed in 18th century painting, the artist has in this body of work revisited the idea of the Sublime as explored in Romanticism. Whilst her palette and scale draw inspiration from the grand frescoes of Giovanni Battista Tiepolo, the organic compositions and the titles evoke the distant horizons painted by Caspar David Friedrich. She feels compelled to make work that expresses the vast imponderables of life, nature, space – paintings with a sense of ‘something evermore to be’. Like Tiepolo and Friedrich, Juliette Paull achieves the perfect balance between reason and emotion, imagination and reality.

Juliette Paull has been represented by Cadogan Contemporary since 2013 and ‘Time Unveiling Truth’ will be her third solo exhibition with us. Her career has been moving forward quickly and this exhibition reiterates what an exciting talent she is. We are delighted to present this new collection that is a culmination of 6 years of progress and hard work.


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