Royal Academy Summer Exhibition | Part II

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The English summer is wearing on and the RA Summer Exhibition is still in full swing. If you haven’t yet been it’s always worth a visit as the largest open submission exhibition in the world and one of the oldest, running without interruption since 1979.  

RA 1934

The 166th Summer Exhibition, 1934

With many Cadogan Contemporary artists exhibiting this year there have been some wonderful reviews mentioning their work. 

Writer and Broadcaster Sebastian Faulks was invited to select his favourite pieces from the exhibition and chose artists David Pearce and Arthur Neal, both represented by Cadogan, in his selection of 9 pieces out of the entire show. 

A Bend in the Road

A Bend in the Road, mixed media on panel, 55″ x 65″ (Sold), Location: Gallery I

Describing David Pearce’s painting ‘A Bend in the Road’ in Room 2, Faulks writes“It brings to mind people like Alfred Wallace, or other well-known Primitive artists. It has beautiful colours in it. I don’t think the Primitive style works for every subject: sometimes it’s awkward. But I think in this case the style and subject matter, with the old telegraph poles in the background, are beautifully brought together. It has a lovely composition. It’s something you could have at home for a long, long time and never tire of.”

In Room 3 he picks out Arthur Neal’s painting ‘Studio and Garden’ commenting, “I think it’s a very civilised and harmonious painting. The balance of shapes, it has a lovely composition – edges pushing against one another, and then pushing out. It has a beautiful sense of harmony and balance, and I think it’s a lovely painting, really.”

Studio and Garden

Studio and Garden, oil on board, 77″ x 77″ (Sold), Location: Gallery II

Try Sebastian Faulk’s full online tour of the exhibition here.

Delightfully, Elise Ansel’s painting ‘Feast of the Gods II, After Bellini and Titian’ has been getting a lot of attention – even being included in the Daily Mail’s article and quiz discussing the variety of prices and pieces on display!!!

In an interview with CassArt Jock McFadden who curated Gallery II, mentions Ansel’s ‘very beautiful’ painting as one to lookout for. 

Feast of the Gods

Feast of the Gods, After Titian, oil on canvas, 48″ x 60″, (Sold), Location: Gallery II

The Daily Norm reviews the exhibition and discusses Ansel’s piece hanging alongside a Grayson Perry

In one room, a superb tapestry portrait by Grayson Perry (Julie and Rob) could have stolen the show, but was well accompanied by a gallery of moving, inspirational works such as Elise Ansel’s brilliant take on Bellini and Titian (Feast of the Gods II) – another riot of colour.”


If you do make it to see the RA Summer Exhibition do get to see these incredible paintings!

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