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The sun shone on Tuesday 9th June at the Private View for the Sargy Mann exhibition of his Final Paintings.

Upstairs gallery
“Our memories of Sargy should be happy ones. He would want that. Reflected in the vibrancy and the ebullience of the paintings you see around you.”

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Christopher has been exhibiting Sargy’s work since 1987 and said a few words at this first show without Sargy himself. 

“So surprising that they should be final paintings as they pulse with life and colour and with a youthful sense of vigour, reflecting a happy and contented man.” 


The gallery soon filled up with friends, family, critics and collectors including Sir Laurie Magnus, Lady Sarah Armstrong-Jones, Dame Elisabeth Laing, Tamasin Day-Lewis, Claudia Legge and Richard Talbot Rice.

It was lovely to see so many artists of note who were contemporaries and supporters of Sargy such as Leon Kossoff RA, Anthony Eyton RA, John Lessore, Terry Raybould, Francis Hoyland and Graham Giles. 

^Mrs Debbie Laidlaw and Arthur Laidlaw

^Leon Kossoff (centre) with artists Graham Giles and Terry Raybould


^Leon Kossoff and R.A. Anthony Eyton  (*An earlier version stated the Leon Kossoff was an RA which he isn’t. Just one of the best British artists of his generation.)

^Frances Mann with Martin Golding, Leon Kossoff and Mrs Kossoff

6 7
^Art critic Tim Adams in conversation

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Despite Sargy’s absence it was a joy-filled affair with his children and grandchildren present. 

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The exhibition runs until 4th July. Please do get in touch if you would like a catalogue. 



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