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‘The humble pencil is found where most of mankind’s greatest achievements begin.’ 


Left: Stephen Fry and Right: Celia Birtwell

The unassuming pencil is the subject at hand for the new exhibition and auction in aid of Children in Crisis, raising money and awareness for children living in conflict zones.

The photographic study by Alex Hammond and Mike Tinney aims to showcase the continued use of the pencil in an increasingly digital world, demonstrating how the simple writing implement still sits proudly on the desk or behind the ear of the world’s leading artists, architects, writers and designers.


Documenting each pencil in pin-sharp detail, the photographs capture individual pencils as unique as fingerprints, each giving clues to the character of their owner. 

Contributors to the project have been drawn from across the creative industries and visitors to the exhibition will be able to view pencils from cultural icons such as Sir Quentin Blake, Tom Dixon, Stephen Fry, Mike Leigh, Philippe Stark, Sir Paul Smith and our very own artist Sargy Mann. 

Hosted by Paul Smith at the No.9 Albermarle Street gallery, you can see Sargy Mann’s small worn down piece of graphite. 

Photo 24-05-2015 16 06 42

Photo 24-05-2015 15 58 20

For the length of the exhibition a series of framed one-off prints, including the original pencil, will be available for auction online via Paddle8.


Left: James Dyson, Right: William Boyd

On top of the wonderful aid the auction is doing for an amazing cause, this is a really fun exhibition with stunning photographs highlighting how often we overlook the beauty in the simple things among us. 

Photo 24-05-2015 16 01 23

Photo 24-05-2015 16 01 06

 Stephen Fry rules. Don’t question it! 

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