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Cadogan Contemporary is now on Artsy!


Artsy is arguably the most comprehensive online platform for galleries, artists and collectors, with an extremely user-friendly interface. We feel that websites like Artsy and Artnet are vital for finding new international clients and giving the artists that we represent exposure all around the world.

Artsy allows us to upload high-resolution images of our artist’s work, these works now feature on our public Artsy page. They are also included into the general Artsy listings which is exciting as it vastly broadens the scope of exposure, rather than viewing our paintings through our own gallery page, any potential client can search something very broad like ‘painting’ or ‘abstract’ and our paintings would be included in this search.

Screen Shot 2015-04-01 at 13.18.07 copy


Screen Shot 2015-04-01 at 13.18.18 copy

Another innovative feature of Artsy is the ‘View in room’ function. This allows you to view a painting ‘in situ’, the image is super-imposed into a virtual room with it’s dimensions directly proportional to a bench below it. This sort of technology is vital for anyone considering to purchase artwork overseas. It gives context to the image. Please see and example of it below:


We regularly update our Artsy and Artnet pages with new work and exhibitions.

Please do have a look at our page here

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