Sargy Mann | BBC TouchCast ‘Story of Now: Art’

March 10, 2015 1:10 pm Published by



The Story of Now is a brand-new 20-part interactive series hosted by Idris Elba that explores some of the fundamental questions about human condition and history of the world from the beginning of time to now, with experts in their field. 

Sargy Mann was invited to present the film on Art which you can watch above. 

‘The films feature an incredible list of academics who present thought-provoking analysis on topics from language to love, money to politics and colour to consciousness. Presenters include neuroscientist Dr Molly Crockett, blind figurative painter Sargy Mann, economist Souymaya Keynes, renegade Anglican clergyman Rev Peter Owen Jones, performance poet Inua Ellams, social activist Naomi Klein and Professor Yuval Noah Harari, author of the ground-breaking Sapiens.’

To try out the series in it’s entirety CLICK HERE where you can navigate through and find other interactive bits with Sargy. 


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