Hi from Miami Beach!

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For the first week of December, Miami is taken over by thousands of galleries, collectors and various hangers on attending Art Basel,  Art-Miami and the various two dozen other satellite fairs. It is an eye-watering sight of the best galleries in the world showing their best artists, amid a sea of the worlds richest collectors and wildest parties.

Lucasta headed over to Atlantic to take it all in…

“Imagine all of the most purely creative people you know, and all of the richest people you know. Now put them together into a cocktail of sand, sun, and booze—and throw in some of the world’s greatest works of art.” – photographer Landon Normane for The NewYorker

Miami Beach, South Beach from the Untitled Art Fair

Miami Beach Straandbeest


Miami Art Fair


Waldemar Mitrowski with SeagerGray gallery

South Beach Miami


ArtBasel Miami Beach


William Anastasi, Galerie Jocelyn Wolf

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